£4 will

Purchase a blanket for a villager or a mosquito net for a villager/forest guard.

£10 will

Purchase water filters and searchlights for forest staff.

£50 will

Pay the wages of 2 forest watchers for a month.

£60 will

Pay the wages of a nature education teacher, an art teacher or a caretaker of the handicraft/school project area for a month.

Please Donate What You Can


Right now, these guys are working hard trying to raise awareness and funds that will help at ground level. It’s a great project worthy of support.
You can find out more by visiting Wishberry.in

With a Little Help

View this YouTube documentary that focuses on one of the tiger’s biggest enemies – poachers. Ironically though it isn’t a depiction of how they have led to the near extinction of this magnificent big cat, but their lives after… This film takes us on a beautiful journey into the lives of the Moghiya tribes – once hunters for the Raj who turned into poachers out of desperation for work.

Tiger Awareness

Tiger Awareness

Forestry Commitee Projects

This where the local communities work together with the forestry department outside the national parks to protect the animals/forest. They will have chosen guards to liaise with and also supply them with equipment to do their duties effectively.

Contact Us


We are currently looking to raise funds to buy bicycles and footwear for the forest guards. We have supplied a quantity of mosquito nets for the forest guards at a forest beat in Ranthambhore, but we still aim to raise funds for further nets, blankets, and binoculars. These will be used by the forest guards to protect the forest and the tiger.



You could organise a coffee morning, jumble sale or a car boot sale. Follow the link for details about tiger fundraising events that have already been organised to get some inspiration. If you would like to support our projects, you can send a cheque or postal order payable to Tiger Awareness. If you need further information on our projects, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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