A tiger a day is killed in the wild

We need to stop the death of this magnificent creature.
It is the guardian of the forest, along with those who depend on the forest for their lives.


Tigers are being killed for their skin, Tiger Bone Wine and Tiger Penis Soup. There is a misplaced belief in traditional chinese medicines that body parts from the tiger can be used as an ingredient to cure certain ailments.

Reducing Numbers

The tiger is critically endangered and there are only approximately 3000 left in the wild (just five sub species). Tigers are being lost due to man – animal conflict, poaching and loss of habitat. We’re determined to stop the decline.

Our Work

We believe it is critical to work with local communities in forest areas,we do this in Sundarbans,Dudhwa and Ranthambhore. More broadly Tiger Awareness gives talks and helps with Education / Awareness on the plight of Tiger.

Your Donations

We are a voluntary non-profit making charity. All donations and funds raised go towards tiger projects. We will continue to look to raise funds for causes that support tiger conservation at ground level where it’s needed most.

Tigers remain in the wild

You Can Help

Support our projects which preserve tiger habitat and populations.

Tiger Awareness is a registered UK Charity: 1117234

Our Recent Projects

"We need to do everything we can to save these Majestic and Regal cats, a world without Tiger's does not even bear thinking about."

− Athanasios Cruz

"I want my future children and grand children to see this amazing and powerful animal live for ever."

− Matt Davis

"Quite simply the most focused and inspirational man I have ever met. Keep up the good work!"

− Mel