The tiger is critically endangered, there are approximately 3000 left in the wild.

Tiger Awareness is a registered UK charity, we help with funds in India. The organisation was formed in 1998 to give awareness to the plight of the Tiger. We work with local organisations in India, our funds are used at ground level where they are most needed and are given directly by ourselves.


Helping At Ground Level

We help villagers that live in the Tiger range areas, we work in 2 main areas in India, Sundarbans and Madhya Pradesh.  The ways we help are: medical camps, food support after disaster situations, anti-poaching dogs, education and supporting forest staff with medical camps and equipment.

Our Conservation Work

Supporting Organisations

We help with man—animal conflict support. We support organisations that look to give alternative ways to livelihood, other than hunting. We also support nature education, so encouraging respect and understanding for wildlife in its natural habitat.

We will continue to look to raise funds for causes that support tiger conservation working with local people in the tiger range areas as it is felt that this is the way forward to conserve the 1600 Tigers left in the WILD in India.

Help Raise Funds