Saving Tiger Society
NGO dedicated to the protection and conservation of all wildlife and the environment, we however, do give emphasis on the protection, saving and nurturing of Tigers and we are totally involved in making sure that these animals, the Tiger, our national animal, does not become extinct.

Infographic Displaying Useful Tiger Statistics
UK based fundraising organisation that specialises in donating unwanted and scrap cars to charitable causes throughout the world, including Tiger Awareness.

Truth about Tigers
Why are tigers disappearing from our forests, and what do we need to do to reverse their decline?

Tigers in the Forest
Michael Vickers is a wildlife photographer who has a particular passion for tigers and travels to India to search for them in their natural environment.

Quicklook at India
Aline Dobbie’s book opens up India, its history, culture and position in the world. It is an amazing insight from someone with a deep understanding and obvious love for the country in which she lived for many years.

Wildhaven Resort Wild Haven Resort
A resort that is positioned to serve as an ideal base for wildlife tourists to Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve.
Help promote knowledge and awareness of the plight of the tiger; Inspire you to support the conservation efforts; Influence the policy and decision makers; Raise funds to support conservation projects on the ground in India.

Operation Charm
Launched by the Metropolitan Police in 1995. It is the only current police initiative against the illegal trade in endangered species in the UK.
Wildlife Protection Society of India
The Greentumble blog which is updated regularly with articles related to environmental issues such as climate change, water pollution, waste, loss of biodiversity, deforestation and many more.

Kids for Tigers
Kids for Tigers is a Sanctuary environmental education programme in schools across India that aims to bring out the vital connection between the survival of the tiger and our ecological health.

Animal Friends Insurance
Buying the best value Pet Insurance in the UK is not the only reason to come to Animal Friends Pet Insurance. You will be helping animals in need, all over the world.

Wildlife Artists
I am a native Chinese born and raised in Hong Kong.In early 1990. I and my husband were living in Singapore for a few years, now living in Melbourne, Australia. I have loved drawing and creative art since I was teenage and am a self-taught artist without any formal training.
Kim Thompson works as both a wildlife artist and illustrator. She trained at Dyfed College of Art, West Wales, where she studied on a specialist wildlife illustration course, graduating with a Distinction in the late 1980s.
Natalie Mascall specialises in Wildlife/Animal Fine Art and take on commissions such as any wildlife, pet portraits and sunsets. Medium worked in is mainly Pastel and Acrylic. Prints are available which are taken from a few originals which include both Limited Edition Giclée Prints and Hand Signed Open Edition Giclée Prints.
Claudia Hahn studied graphic design & illustration in Freiburg, Germany. Her tutors included artist Ari Nahor, artist Heinz Treiber & book illustrator Felix Scheinberger.
Originally from New Zealand, Jamie is a self taught artist whose work is produced in graphite pencil. The finest detail is achieved by etching fur or skin texture into the paper and then working over the top of it with darker tones of pencil.

TOFTigers is a not-for-profit travel trade initiative to protect India’s tigers, wildlife and wilderness through sustainable tourism.