Tiger Awareness

Work for 2022 Second half of the year

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Our work from April till August.

In India, we have funded enlarging a waterbody in Nauradehi area of Madhya Pradesh, which after monsoon, is now full of water for wildlife. We have funded medical camps for forest staff in the area, we have donated 40 cycles for forest staff, which will allow them to cover larger areas for patrolling. On Global Tiger Day, and Ranger Day at the end of July, we funded programs and gave 3 extra awards to forest staff, that had gone the extra mile. We have also funded 2 further anti poaching dogs, which will start training soon which will work in another state. Later in the year, we hope to fund more teams to help forest department with patrolling, to reduce man- animal conflict.

In Sumatra, we have funded a new school to be built in a forest area of Batu Katak, an area one of our Trustees visited in 2015., the school will be called Tiger Green school.

Work started so far in 2022.

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We have been able to start the year running. We have supported dog refresher training in West Bengal for 8 dogs, we have funded 40 k mangrove saplings for Sundarbans, also the school children are now back in the school building after learning remotely for 18 month. We have been able to fund medical camps for forest staff in West Bengal & Madhya Pradesh, we have also given grants to some other Ngos , working for Tiger conservation in Sumatra & India. We have supported families in Sundarbans, when they have lost family member to Tiger.

Yearly Work for 2021

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This year has been a challenging one, due to Covid , we also where not able to visit India, we hope to be able to visit early 2022. The ways we helped this year, in Sumatra for some fencing to stop 2 young males killing cattle of the farmers. In India, we helped, for Cyclone Yaas, for many people of Sundarbans, with food, tarpaulins and also medical camps at various stages of the year, the school students are learning remotely through Covid, hopefully they will be back at the school in November. We also provided 2 more anti poaching pups, that started their training in Bhopal in October, Madhya Pradesh for 9 months. The latter part of the year, we are looking to help with more concrete boundary walls around open wells in Bandhavgarh area and refresher training for the dogs in Madhya Pradesh.

Boundary walls in Bandhavgarh December 2021

West Bengal Anti poaching dogs

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These two dogs will work in the forest of West Bengal, once they have completed their 9 months training. These dogs have been funded by Tiger Awareness.

Shyana starting Anti-Poaching training

Orlando starting Anti-Poaching training

Snake Training and Medical camps for forest staff.

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At the beginning of August, we supported snake training and medical camps for forest staff in Purulia and Jhargram forest division India. This involved snake training identification and practice in capturing snakes. There was a two day medical camp and first aid kits for forest beat staff. A big thanks to our partners Saving Tiger Society for organising the programme.

New Anti- Poaching Dogs for Madhya Pradesh

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Further Belgian Malinois dog teams, have just completed their anti poaching training and will now be working in forest areas of Madhya Pradesh. Max, Sheru, Chum and Tyson,along with the other dogs we have funded, will continue to patrol the forests, to reduce poaching and solve wildlife crimes.

Global Tiger Day 2018.

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Global Tiger Day, July 29th 2018, we supported a rally with our partners Saving Tiger Society and the forest dept in Pench. MP, India. There was around 1200 people take part in the 2 locations in Seoni and Khawasa range, we are also supporting work in the area for animal squads, that have stopped man-animal conflict, electrocution cases and herbivore crop raiding in Pench buffer areas.We have also funded boundary walls around open wells in the area and an anti poaching dog, that are reducing wildlife deaths over the last 3 years.

Boundary Walls around open wells in Pench

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We have now completed the 10 Boundary walls around open wells in Pench buffer area, we where able to do this, as we received a successful grant application from Lush. This is 45 boundary walls

around the open wells in the area, over the last 3 years. They are proving to save wildlife and human life.