Work for 2022 Second half of the year

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Our work from April till August.

In India, we have funded enlarging a waterbody in Nauradehi area of Madhya Pradesh, which after monsoon, is now full of water for wildlife. We have funded medical camps for forest staff in the area, we have donated 40 cycles for forest staff, which will allow them to cover larger areas for patrolling. On Global Tiger Day, and Ranger Day at the end of July, we funded programs and gave 3 extra awards to forest staff, that had gone the extra mile. We have also funded 2 further anti poaching dogs, which will start training soon which will work in another state. Later in the year, we hope to fund more teams to help forest department with patrolling, to reduce man- animal conflict.

In Sumatra, we have funded a new school to be built in a forest area of Batu Katak, an area one of our Trustees visited in 2015., the school will be called Tiger Green school.