Latest Field Work In India

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We have been very busy working with our partners, Saving Tiger Society in this year.  We have supported further boundary walls around open wells in Pench buffer area, 2 animal squads that patrol crop fields to reduce crop raiding and man-animal conflict, also diving equipment for forest staff, to reduce illegal fishing activities in the area.We have supported forest staff in Kanha with cattle caretaker program/ torches and Global Tiger Day support. Our largest project of the year, has been to fund 4 Belgian Malinois dogs, that are triple role anti poaching dogs, now working in Tiger reserves of Madhya Pradesh , we hope to fund 2 more later in the year. In the Sundarbans, the school is in its fourth year from foundation level to year 10, the students also get visits to forest area. We are supporting work in 9 villages for  Tiger Squads, which they will shortly be in there fourth season and there has been no conflict in the villages, great work by team and forest staff. We have also supported the villagers with solar lighting and medical camps, more recently a villager from one of the villages we are supporting, lost a male member of the family, whilst crab collecting to a Tiger away from his village, we have given fund support to the wife and daughter left behind, as we have done to other families who have lost family members to Tiger conflict, whilst trying to earn a living away from their homes. We are looking to support forest staff for future with necessary footwear and medical kits in the field.